About Us

Growing up in a family where events revolved around food, owner Julie Goding was always surrounded by numerous cooks and bakers each with their own take on a recipe. This inspired Goding to start baking at a young age, and to continually tweak each recipe until satisfied with the final result.
Into adulthood through a career in graphic design, she continued this pursuit of baked good perfection, making cookies as gifts for coworkers, family and friends. Her gingerbread cookies became a fast favorite, and soon requests started coming in for gingerbread cookies year round. This acclaim inspired Goding to change careers and pursue her life-long dream to become a pastry chef. She enrolled in the French Pastry School's L'Art de la Patisserie program in Chicago, graduating in 2010. After a few more years of practice, learning and perfecting, in November 2013, Dough Dough Bird Baking Company was born with a single mission: make gingerbread cookies available year round!